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TikTok Adds New Option to Facilitate Connection Between Creators and Brands

TikTok has added a new way to facilitate connection creators and brands, with a new process called ‘Open Applications’, which enables brands to post the details of an upcoming campaign that interested creators can then respond to in the app.

Which is not entirely new – TikTok’s been testing it out since February. But now, it’s being made available to more users, with all brands able to access the option within TikTok’s Creator Marketplace, providing a means for businesses to spark interest among creators to help them build their campaigns.

As explained by TikTok:

Each creator application includes a short pitch or concept for the brand campaign, examples of relevant TikTok videos they’ve created, contact information, and their proposed fee. By allowing creators to propose their campaign ideas to you, Open Applications makes it easier to find creators with unique stories and connections to your brand – qualities that can be hard to find through a simple creator search.”

So it’s like an audition process for TikTok creators, which will ideally give brands more options on who they work with, while also providing more brand collaboration opportunities for users.

Once creators have made their pitches, you’ll be able to view their submissions in the app.

TikTok open applications

“To help you surface the most relevant creators faster, Open Applications include preference filters and screening questions in the brief creation process. You can narrow down your pool of applicants by audience demographics, follower count, location, brand affinity, relevant experience, and more. If you have any specific creators in mind, you can also invite them to apply.”

As noted, TikTok’s actually been developing the new process for some time, with selected creators participating in the program since April. But now, it’s getting a broader release, providing more opportunities for all businesses.

It’s a simple, logical way to maximize the creator discovery process, which should deliver better campaigns as a result. In addition, brands can also invite specific creators to apply for their pitch, enabling further targeting for collaboration.

It could be a great way to build more stand-out, platform-aligned promotions, which could help get your products noticed in the app.

In order to use the new process, brands first need to verify their TikTok Creator Marketplace account, then create an ‘Open Applications’ campaign.

Could be worth factoring into your holiday campaign planning.

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